Happy Birthday to me

& my brother.

Last night we were thrown a birthday party, which was also a costume party. It was probably the most fun I’ve had since before May 7th. I got to let loose with great company and a few drinks and momma even took part in the holiday festivities by dressing up as the best sister, Winifred Sanderson!

Little Pumpkin

Got to help my nieces paint their pumpkins today. Usually we’d carve them but my sister-n-law thought it would be a bit more creative of the girls if she let them paint whatever they wanted. A unicorn and a creeper, which happens to be something from Minecraft that I learned all about while painting. And then there’s Kelly’s outstanding Cookie Monster (can we say overachiever lol). But she made it for a decoration piece at a party tomorrow, so it had to look it’s best and boy does it.

We also tried to get Riley Grace to take some fall photos but for once, it’s cold in South Texas and she wasn’t very happy being outside while naked. So here’s some of the ones that came out the best.

Goldspring Lane

I know people say “memories live on forever” and yeah, that’s completely true. But my dad literally left his mark on this planet and I think that’s so amazing. He took our plain as all hell front yard and planted some seeds to make it more full. This tree has done nothing but grow and grow since he’s planted it and since moving from this house that I called home for 12 years of my life, it’s only gotten greener in the leaves and stronger in the roots.

Processed with VSCO with fn16 presetI’d usually make this drive, which is typically out of my way, to see my old house and yeah, the tree was cool but it was never something I paid much attention to. Because I was always focused on how I wish this house would go up for sale and that I wish I could buy it and live in it again. Being selfish about it and getting sad that my parents had decided to move away, still, to this day and I’ll be turning 25 in less than 48 hours.

Since May 7th, I hadn’t been that way. I haven’t driven past that house and I haven’t once thought about it. It wasn’t until after Hurricane Harvey that my mom and I decided to go visit a friend of hers that lives a few houses down from our old home, that I noticed the tree. I realized that tree made the house and the land the house sat on, more beautiful and that my dad literally left his mark on this planet by planting it. That tree will always be a part of him and that tree will live longer than any owner of that house will. My dad planted that tree. How crazy is that?

pt. 2

God is SO good!

Momma IS cancer free and it was the greatest news we’ve gotten since May 7th.
Many happy tears shed on the way home from the medical center and so many talks about how things are going to start looking up – and they will!

This little but huge piece of great news was exactly what my mom needed to pull her, to pull us, out of this funk we’ve been in and I cannot wait to watch her start to recover so that I can as well. She’s been through hell and my brother and I have walked through it with her so that she wasn’t alone, but we’ve found our ways and are coming out on top.

As soon as we got home from a celebratory breakfast with Kelly, she wanted me to do her makeup and take some pictures so that she could post them of her looking her damn best with the quote “This is the first day of the rest of my life.” And HELL YEAH IT IS!!!!!! She’s got so many years ahead of her and so many more years to see my nieces grow, and watch Rich, Kelly and myself grow!

Thank you, Jesus for listening to all of our prayers and those of so many others.

pt. 1

Today’s the big day, well one of them. When mom’s chemo got cut short a few treatments due to her leg going numb, we were unsure how that would effect the cancer cells. There’s been a lot of depressing days of doing absolutely nothing where we just sit and watch tv, occasionally napping. I’m hoping today changes that and come tomorrow we find out the greatest news ever.

I’m nervous as hell, I won’t even lie. But I’m only nervous because of this ridiculously shitty year we’ve had thus far. Although I keep telling myself that this is the turning point. That once your chemo was over, things would look up. They haven’t yet, but who’s to say they still won’t? We deserve our great news now, we deserve to have things work out in our favor. We’ve had one tough fucking year momma, but we got this. You got this.

Shadow Boxes + Christmas!?!

I know it’s a little too early to be posting about Christmas already, but department stores everywhere already have up and ready to sell and then there’s Pinterest, where it’s Christmas all year round it seems.

I’ve been seeing shadow boxes all over my feed lately and it’s probably because I’ve been searching for them, but I feel like it’s a diy craft that is easy enough for us non-crafters and not to mention they’re cute as heck! I think I’ll try to be a little creative this holiday season and try some out myself, pulling inspiration from these few that I’ve been eyeing.

My Life Adventure

So I’ve become pretty big into searching affirmations on Pinterest when I’m feeling a certain way. They’ll either lift me because I’m down in the dumps or lift me even higher when I’m having one of my good days. Today I happened to stumble across a woman named Carly Marie and out of all of the times I’ve scrolled and scrolled through Pinterest, I’ve never once seen any post of hers. I was mostly intrigued by the pretty colors and artwork, but then I read it and the words spoke to me more than the appearance of the graphic did.

Lately I haven’t been feeling myself. I haven’t been feeling like I’m living my life to it’s fullest potential and this self-care affirmation really spoke to me so I decided I’d share it. With this shit year I’ve had it was something I needed to read and something I needed to snap myself out of this mood that I’ve been in. I really can’t wait to dive into more of her affirmations when I need a little pick me up, so I hope that whoever reads my blog, if you’re feeling down as well, that you read it and take it to heart just like I did.

Carly’s Website