My Favorite Pastime

Recently I’ve picked photography up again. A little rusty and at a loss of ideas as I’m just now diving back into it, I know a little oil and inspirational images will get my creative juices flowing again. I used use photography as an escape from reality because you could take a picture of the ugliest thing and make it pretty with editing and I think that’s my favorite thing about the art of it. No matter how haunting or beautiful an image is, it tends to draw people in and intrigues your audience. People get to see what you see, through your eyes and that’s the coolest thing to me – they get to live through what you’ve experienced.

Here’s a few shots of my beautiful friend, Bri. We’ve been in each other’s lives for a couple of years now and she’s definitely been a great venting outlet for me through this shit year I’ve had. So what better way to repay her by making her laugh and taking some amazing images to capture the moment of a great memory we shared a week ago?

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