My Life Adventure

So I’ve become pretty big into searching affirmations on Pinterest when I’m feeling a certain way. They’ll either lift me because I’m down in the dumps or lift me even higher when I’m having one of my good days. Today I happened to stumble across a woman named Carly Marie and out of all of the times I’ve scrolled and scrolled through Pinterest, I’ve never once seen any post of hers. I was mostly intrigued by the pretty colors and artwork, but then I read it and the words spoke to me more than the appearance of the graphic did.

Lately I haven’t been feeling myself. I haven’t been feeling like I’m living my life to it’s fullest potential and this self-care affirmation really spoke to me so I decided I’d share it. With this shit year I’ve had it was something I needed to read and something I needed to snap myself out of this mood that I’ve been in. I really can’t wait to dive into more of her affirmations when I need a little pick me up, so I hope that whoever reads my blog, if you’re feeling down as well, that you read it and take it to heart just like I did.

Carly’s Website


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