pt. 1

Today’s the big day, well one of them. When mom’s chemo got cut short a few treatments due to her leg going numb, we were unsure how that would effect the cancer cells. There’s been a lot of depressing days of doing absolutely nothing where we just sit and watch tv, occasionally napping. I’m hoping today changes that and come tomorrow we find out the greatest news ever.

I’m nervous as hell, I won’t even lie. But I’m only nervous because of this ridiculously shitty year we’ve had thus far. Although I keep telling myself that this is the turning point. That once your chemo was over, things would look up. They haven’t yet, but who’s to say they still won’t? We deserve our great news now, we deserve to have things work out in our favor. We’ve had one tough fucking year momma, but we got this. You got this.

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