pt. 2

God is SO good!

Momma IS cancer free and it was the greatest news we’ve gotten since May 7th.
Many happy tears shed on the way home from the medical center and so many talks about how things are going to start looking up – and they will!

This little but huge piece of great news was exactly what my mom needed to pull her, to pull us, out of this funk we’ve been in and I cannot wait to watch her start to recover so that I can as well. She’s been through hell and my brother and I have walked through it with her so that she wasn’t alone, but we’ve found our ways and are coming out on top.

As soon as we got home from a celebratory breakfast with Kelly, she wanted me to do her makeup and take some pictures so that she could post them of her looking her damn best with the quote “This is the first day of the rest of my life.” And HELL YEAH IT IS!!!!!! She’s got so many years ahead of her and so many more years to see my nieces grow, and watch Rich, Kelly and myself grow!

Thank you, Jesus for listening to all of our prayers and those of so many others.

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