The Polar Express

Today was filled with nothing but family and good times! My mom had bought tickets for an actual train ride to the North Pole on The Polar Express and my nieces loved it! It was a bit of a road trip for us, but we made the best out of it and all the scenery on the way there.

“Enveloped by the motion picture soundtrack, passengers will relive the magic of the tale as they are whisked away on THE POLAR EXPRESS™. Once onboard, chefs serve hot chocolate and cookies as they recite the classic children’s book, The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. (Be sure to purchase a book along with your tickets so your child can read his/her own book along with the chefs.)

At the North Pole, Santa and his elves greet passengers and then board the train. St. Nick gives each child the first gift of Christmas – a silver sleigh bell (only believers can hear ringing!). On the ride back to THE POLAR EXPRESS™ train depot, chefs lead passengers in singing joyous Christmas carols.”

Arriving about 3 hours early, thinking it would be much more crowded than it was, I snuck in some awesome photos of my nieces to kill the time and ended up with these.

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