Lightroom vs. iPhone apps

Within the past few months I purchased Lightroom along with a couple of preset packs from some of my favorite Instagram accounts and I absolutely love them! But while I don’t carry around my DSLR with me, every where I go, I had been on the hunt for some apps that did an equally amazing job as my Lightroom presets do whenever I use them.

With most presets, you’ll find that they don’t work the best on iPhone photos, but work wonders on those RAW images you take with your expensive camera and there is a huge reason for that!

So I figured I’d help some of you out and let you in on a great apps secret!!

The app is called Snapseed and it’s perfect for those of you who are struggling to come up with some kind of Instagram theme/strategy (like myself). I’ve come up with this combination of a warm, yet super soft tones that seems to do well on almost all of my iPhone photos! The best thing about the app? NO in app purchases!!! 

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