I Dew Care – Mini Meow Trio

This was an item I picked up as part of my HUGE Ulta purchase, honestly, again with the packaging….I was drawn to it because it’s cute! But unfortunately, I think that’s all these kitten masks are aimed towards being – cute. I also purchased the black cat headband for the same reason, but that’ll probably get more use than these masks.

I Dew Care Mini Meow Trio allows you to mix and mask, creating a personalized routine to target your specific skin concerns. Space Kitten, a sparkling black mask, exfoliates. Sugar Kitten, a transformative color-changing mask, hydrates. Disco Kitten, a chrome, brings back your glow. Use one at a time or apply multiple masks to targeted areas.

Upon trying these masks tonight, I gave them all three a fair chance and followed where to apply them per the box’s directions. They all claim to brighten and they did do that, but their main purpose have me a little suspicious. Space Kitten went around my nose because that’s my biggest problem area. Sugar Kitten went on my cheeks and chin because they’ve been a little dry lately and my forehead didn’t really need any glow, but I applied Disco Kitten there just to test them all out.

Personally, I feel like Space Kitten worked the best. My pores appeared smaller and that area was all around much more smooth than it had been in some time. It left some glitter residue that you have to work a little harder to get off, but hey, a sparkly face is kind of cool. So with writing this review many hours after the application, my nose still feels nice.

Sugar Kitten is supposed to hydrate and while my cheeks felt that way at first, it soon went after patting my face with a dry towel, almost as if whatever was left from the mask didn’t want to absorb into my skin, or just wasn’t going to. I also had to use a ton of this one as I felt like it was more lightweight and watery than the other two.

And last but not least was Disco Kitten which I feel like applying it to my forehead didn’t give it a fair chance as that’s my least problematic area. It did however, leave my forehead feeling hydrated and just as soft as where Space Kitten was applied.

The pretty factor is definitely there and I’ll more than likely give these another go, changing the areas where I applied the masks before, but as for first impressions – I’ve used better. They do have other products that I want to try, so hopefully I can get my hands on them soon!


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