Get Unready With Me!


So recently I’ve been seeing this go around as a Youtube tag/challenge and I thought it would make a great blog post as well! I’ve had a pretty solid nighttime routine for a while. Aside from trying out new products here and there, I’ve been doing the same thing for almost a year now and it’s what works best for me!


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Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary

I really was not looking forward to this  as I’m typically not a fan of zoos or aquariums, anywhere where an animal is living in captivity to be completely honest with you. I prefer to see an animal in their actual habitat and not enclosed in a space much smaller than they deserve. And while I know most animals who are in captivity and some zoos are only there because their past is terrible, it’s still a sad sight to see. My personal opinion.

When my mom told me about this and told me that she made reservations for my nieces, her, my grandmother and myself, I really didn’t want to go and was trying to be extra grumpy the morning of in hopes she would just tell me to stay home. That wasn’t the case.  Continue reading “Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary”

March Update

I realize I took a good 15 days off from blogging and I’m really mad at myself for it. I would sit down in the evenings and think to myself about how I should really log on and keep up a steady schedule, and then I just wouldn’t do it. I get so invested for a solid month or so and then I fall off, so here’s to the rest of March and actually trying to post a couple of times a week! Continue reading “March Update”

What’s on my iPod Classic!?!

IMG_8266You read that title correctly haha! I was going through some boxes I haven’t had the chance of looking through since my move and discovered an ancient artifact, literally.

Unfortunately this iPod has been discontinued, as have most of the good ones and that kills me because I wish Apple would bring back a product like this one. Although I’m almost positive they will just do away with them all together with all of the music apps available at hand and how pretty much everyone listens to music on their phone. It was my tried and true and held some pretty great music in which I figured I’d pick a few of my “25 most played” and share them with you all. I don’t exactly remember the last time this iPod was used, but it’s been years – so enjoy some throwbacks with me!!! Continue reading “What’s on my iPod Classic!?!”