Get Unready With Me!


So recently I’ve been seeing this go around as a Youtube tag/challenge and I thought it would make a great blog post as well! I’ve had a pretty solid nighttime routine for a while. Aside from trying out new products here and there, I’ve been doing the same thing for almost a year now and it’s what works best for me!


I’ll start this off as if I’m ending my day with a full face of makeup, because sometimes that happens even though I’ve been majorly trying to embrace my bare face lately, take better care of it and quit clogging my pores. If I’m going into my nighttime skin care routine with makeup all over my face, the first step is to remove my eye make up. I’ve tried everything from expensive high end products to very inexpensive drug store products but the one eye makeup remover that I’ve found to work the best for me, is the Sephora brand one. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and that’s huge for me because when I wear makeup, I’m wearing my contact lenses and it doesn’t blur my vision by smudging makeup onto them! Apparently it’s very great for your eyelashes as well and I didn’t know that until I just freshened up on my knowledge, but what a great added bonus!
I buy the value size when I do, which is $15 because it lasts forever for someone who doesn’t wear makeup on a day to day basis.

Next I would remove my face make up, and to achieve that, I use Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. This product is a holy grail for me and goes with me when I travel or spend the night somewhere. It’s amazing at removing all surface makeup and leaves the skin feeling really soft and refreshed upon using. Unfortunately, it doesn’t clean out my pores like I wish it did, but for what it does, I can’t complain. I know this one is safe for use on the eyes, but it doesn’t cut it for me and actually effects my contact lenses because of the oil in the product – thankfully I wear dailies and don’t have to worry about cleaning them off!
This product rings in at $29.50 which isn’t bad at all considering the brand name, how much product you get in the jar and how long it’ll last you!

**I love a good vegan brand and this product in particular is one I couldn’t live without. It’s by the brand called Derma E and it’s their Microdermabrasion Scrub with Dead Sea Salt, but oh my god, I wish I could share it with all of you and let you all try it out! I love knowing that a product is working and to see the dead skin that this scrub gently removes from my face is amazing! It’s a very fine grain product and I prefer to use it dry, but with as well as it works, I recommend only using it once a week! Let’s just say it’s so great that it has zero bad reviews on Ulta’s website!😲
It is on the pricier side being $29.99 but if you catch one of their BOGO sales, you could get a great deal with more than one product and I promise it will take you a LONG time before you ever need to replenish. 

Now, when I don’t use the microdermabrasion scrub, I use my Clarisonic which is my favorite thing ever and makes my skin feel so clean and makes the appearance of my pores look much smaller! I don’t remember which brush head came with mine when purchased, but I’ve been using the deep pore head for the past 5 months or so and the change in my skin is day and night. I wish I had a picture for proof but it’s done wonders to my skin and I will more than likely repurchase this head instead of trying out a new one.

Going hand in hand with my Clarisonic, I purchased one of, if not my favorite, facial cleansers a little over a year ago and I’ve only made it half way through the bottle. It’s the Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cleansing Gel by Peter Thomas Roth. I’m very saddened that Ulta doesn’t seem to carry it anymore, which is where I purchased it. But I believe this and my Clarisonic are enough in themselves to help me achieve my skin goals. I believe they’re the two main sources of how much my skin has cleared up!

This powerful facial cleansing gel effectively clears skin of impurities, dirt and makeup that can dull the complexion while helping to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, a rough texture and dullness. Rose Water adds a light, delicate scent that soothes and relaxes. Leaves skin looking clean, purified, silky soft and rejuvenated.

Purchasing from PTR’s website, the product is $38, which I believe is what I paid for it at Ulta as well. And again, like most of my products, it’s not a bad price for how long it’ll take you to finish it!

**If I can tell I’m going to break out from having the makeup on all day long or if I’m broken out for whatever other reason, I will use a mask a couple of times a week. My favorite ever and the one I always reach for is the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush Cosmetics. It’s never failed me and always makes my skin feel 100x better after I’ve used it. If you like a semi-tightening, minty smelling mask that instantly brightens and deep cleanses your skin….I HIGHLY recommend!
This mask isn’t too badly priced at $28.95. Considering how much product you get inside a tub, and how little you have to use, it’ll last you and it’s a wonderful mask to invest in. 

Mario Badescu has some amazing products, the facial sprays being some of my favorites in which I use daily, many times a day. I own all three of them but I have been loving the new purple one here more lately. I always spray this on my face, well, more like drown my face in it, after I use a mask and after my moisturizer. I believe it has great benefits and the amazing scents are an added bonus.
The great things about these sprays, and Mario’s brand in general, is that the pricing isn’t bad at all. These sprays range from $5-$12 depending on the size you want, and for 4 oz. of product, $7 is a steal!

Staying on the Mario Badescu route, their Ceramide Eye Gel. When I first started using this, I wasn’t too crazy about it – I didn’t think it was doing anything for me and I eventually stopped incorporating it into my skincare routine. Recently, as in the past few months, I started using it again and realize that I wake up with lighter dark circles and eyes that don’t look nearly as tired as they did when I wasn’t using this. I personally don’t keep mine refrigerated, but you definitely can if you love that super cool feeling of an eye gel!
It’s $18 for .5 oz, but when you think about it, the area around your eyes is nothing compared to the size of your face. I scoop it out with my nail and one scoop is enough to cover underneath and the lid of both of my eyes.

For moisturizing, I use one of two products depending on the state of my skin. If I have more redness for whatever reason one day, or if I’m sunburned (because let’s face it, I forget SPF more than I’d like to admit), I use my Nyakio Maracuja & Yangu Soothing Oil, which my face loves and soaks in. But if I’m having a good skin day and I just need that extra moisture from everything I just put my skin through, Lush’s Skin Drink is my go to. It’s the richest, lightweight moisturizer that I’ve ever used and it’s so amazing!
The Nyakio Oil is the most expensive part of my skincare routine, but this is why I use it sparingly and only when I absolutely need to. For 1 fl oz., it’s $42 BUT if you suffer from rosacea, super dry skin, or even get sunburned like myself, please give it a chance! As for Skin Drink, it’s more on the affordable side at $26.95 for 1.5 fl oz. of product.



**Items with the asterisk aren’t used on a daily basis, just when I feel like my skin needs that extra TLC!

I really appreciate those of you who took time to read through this whole thing! If you’ve tried any of these, how have they worked for you? If you haven’t, what’s your nighttime staple product?

Monica Lynn



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