No More Makeup!

I’m challenging myself from here on out (or until I absolutely need it) to not buy anymore makeup until what I have has hit pan or is completely empty! I know a huge part of my mindset when creating my blog was to buy this and buy that JUST to review items. And while this does indeed bring in more followers, likes and comments, it’s something I’m trying to work on to better myself as well as save my money so that I can travel and advance in my photography!

I want to be a minimalist if you will. I’ve been purging A LOT lately which is why I haven’t been posting too often and honestly? It feels amazing to not hoard things that I absolutely do not need.

I set goals for myself often (look out for that blog post😉) and this is a new one I’m adding to that list. I’m ready to take it on and keep you guys updated.


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