What is there to say about me? Other than the fact that my life has been a steady build up until this year when everything came crashing down around me. I was doing great. Now? Not so much. But I’d love if you’d tag along and follow my journey as I attempt to better myself through writing because it seems to be the one place I can let all my frustration out without physically harming anything. I’m Monica and my life has been like a scene from a movie here lately. Not the good kind of movie either, the kind of movie that stresses you out by getting your heart rate up and you can’t wait for it to end. The kind of movie where you replay all the fucked up scenes and you can’t help but break down when they pop into your mind. The kind of movie that you simply want to forget….but it’s your life, and that’s not an option because well, it happened and it’s something you have to live with.

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