What’s on my iPod Classic!?!

IMG_8266You read that title correctly haha! I was going through some boxes I haven’t had the chance of looking through since my move and discovered an ancient artifact, literally.

Unfortunately this iPod has been discontinued, as have most of the good ones and that kills me because I wish Apple would bring back a product like this one. Although I’m almost positive they will just do away with them all together with all of the music apps available at hand and how pretty much everyone listens to music on their phone. It was my tried and true and held some pretty great music in which I figured I’d pick a few of my “25 most played” and share them with you all. I don’t exactly remember the last time this iPod was used, but it’s been years – so enjoy some throwbacks with me!!! Continue reading “What’s on my iPod Classic!?!”

I Dew Care – Mini Meow Trio

This was an item I picked up as part of my HUGE Ulta purchase, honestly, again with the packaging….I was drawn to it because it’s cute! But unfortunately, I think that’s all these kitten masks are aimed towards being – cute. I also purchased the black cat headband for the same reason, but that’ll probably get more use than these masks. Continue reading “I Dew Care – Mini Meow Trio”

Coco & Eve – Like A Virgin

I’m a sucker for cute packaging and infomercial like products! Coco & Eve showed up as one of those advertisements on Instagram while I was scrolling through my feed late last night and I immediately took an interest in it. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that has coconut oil or is coconut scented, I must own. I live for the tropical smells and their tastes, but coconut has to be my absolute favorite.

Upon stumbling upon this hair mask and the reviews, I noticed it seems quite staged and while I’m one of those people who have to try it before I give any kind of review, I’m so very tempted and have had the product sitting in the cart since about 2 am. It’s a little pricey and that’s the only thing holding me back. Continue reading “Coco & Eve – Like A Virgin”

A quick update!

Slowly but surely getting the hang of the whole blogging thing and I’m loving every little bit of it! I love sharing my own personal opinions and I love reading what other people have to say as well. Recently I’ve spent a tiny fortune at Ulta Beauty and until that product arrives, I plan on doing a few beauty related posts here and there to continue the beauty (ish) theme I’ve got going on. The closer my Hawaii trip gets, the more I’ll be blogging as my brain is spitting out ideas all over the place of what I can post!

Aside from that, I got to babysit this little cutie tonight and I can’t believe how much she’s grown since I last posted a picture of her!

The Truth About Ulta Beauty

I don’t even know where to start and I just wanted to bang my fists on the keyboard out of anger for the bad rep that this chain is receiving right now. It’s simply not fair.

DISCLAIMER – This is my experience from working there and how my store handled situations. I’m in no way backing up any other location, as I believe it could have happened, but I feel the need to shed some light on such an issue. Continue reading “The Truth About Ulta Beauty”

Fresh Face Mask

IMG_7036I forgot one of the things I was most excited about in my Lush haul the other day!! I bought a new fresh face mask – for those of you who don’t know, the fresh face masks are to be refrigerated, giving face masks a whole new meaning!

The face mask that I purchased with Brazened Honey. This one caught my attention in particular because not only is it a deep cleansing mask, it supposed to brighten and moisturize….AND IT DOES! I highly recommend this product if you have congested ares on your face, or even dry patches (which I noticed it completely got rid of mine). I don’t know if the result will be long lasting, but for the time being, I’m not complaining. Being able to massage the mask into my skin as I’m rinsing it off, it makes my face feel like it just got the best cleansing it’s ever had and that’s what I like my products to do – feel like they’re actually doing something.


Top 4 Instagram Inspirations

4 Instagram pages I could stare at all day long because of their beauty and how aesthetically pleasing they are! They inspire me and help me figure out which direction I want to take my own Instagram – helping in the way I edit my photos and the best pattern to post them!

Who are some of your favorites? I love following new accounts!